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Adverse Credit Mortgage? Good Credit Mortgage?

Here at Shorething Mortgages, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right mortgage deal, whether you're looking for a standard mortgage or a non-conforming, sub-prime mortgage. Either way, with thousands of lenders, each with hundreds of mortgage products on offer, searching may prove to become tiresome and stressful. That's where we come in.

If you're looking to buy a new home, why not take the less stressful approach and let us find you the right mortgage, so you can concentrate on the important aspects: getting excited, choosing new colour schemes and deciding who gets the biggest bedroom!

We have a huge panel of lenders, just waiting to help you. Once you complete our online enquiry form, the most suitable lender is found, and your details are passed on to them. Even if you have mortgage problems, arrears, CCJ's or bad credit, fear not.

We specialise in finding mortgages for those who suffer from such financial circumstances, and a large percentage of our panel are experts within the sub-prime mortgage field. We believe that buying a new home is not a time to worry, and thats why our panel of lenders specialise in providing a range of products suited to such applicants.

Not sure how much you may be eligible to borrow? Don't worry - we have a mortgage calculator available for instant use online. Its easy to use and calculates the estimated maximum advance for both single and joint applicants.

It is now time to let us do the hard work. Complete our online enquiry form and the most suitable lender for your circumstance will contact you very soon. Remember, our service to you is completely free, and there is no-obligation to proceed with the application if you are not completely satisfied. Further, you can be assured of quality and privacy - all our lenders are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). You've got nothing to lose...why not enquire now?

Mortgage Articles

High-street lenders have a tendancy to steer clear of any mortgage circumstance which may be viewed as non-conforming. However, in today's society, many people fall into this category due to CCJ's, bad credit or mortgage arrears, but also, those who are self-employed, contract workers or those who rely on bonuses/commission. Fortunately, there are lenders dedicated to helping those who suffer from such a financial position, and Shorething Mortgages is a closely linked introducer to lenders of this sort. [learn more >>>]

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Mortgage News

First-time buyers fail to capitalise

June saw a house price 'cooling off' period with prices rising 5.2% per year, compared to the previous month's 5.6% per year. Despite this, it seems that houses targeted by first-time buyers are becoming more expensive... [learn more >>>]

100% mortgage increase

First time buyers are now borrowing more than ever it was reported today. The average mortgage reached a staggering 3.21 times the borrower's salary, even eclipsing the property boom of the 1980s. Many lenders are now prepared to offer 100% mortgages... [learn more >>>]

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