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Adverse Credit Remortgage?

It can be difficult to find the right remortgage deal, whether you're looking for a standard remortgage or a non-conforming, problem remortgage. At Shore Thing Mortgages, we understand the complexity of the mortgage market, and that's why we provide access to thousands of lenders, each with hundreds of mortgage products on offer. Not only do we have many contacts, but on the submission of your enquiry, we search through the afore mentioned lenders, to find the most suitable one - which has capabilities to deal with your specified personal, financial circumstance.

So if your planning on carrying out some home improvements, you're in need of some extra cash to purchase a new car, - or whatever you may need extra funds for, remortgaging may be the answer.

A remortgage is a loan taken out against your home, which is payable in much the same way as your current mortgage. To discover how much equity you have available, simply deduct the value of your current mortgage along with any other loans secured against it, away from the current value of your property.

Once our online enquiry form is submitted, we aim to deliver a speedy decision as to whether there is a lender who can help, and also, how much money you can raise from your remortgage. Even if you have remortgage problems, arrears, CCJ's or bad credit, fear not.

We specialise in finding remortgages for those who suffer from such financial circumstances, and a large percentage of our panel are experts within the sub-prime mortgage field.

Complete our online enquiry form and the most suitable lender for your circumstance will contact you very soon. Remember, our service to you is completely free, and there is no-obligation to proceed with the application if you are not completely satisfied. Further, you can be assured of quality and privacy - all our lenders are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). You've got nothing to lose...why not enquire now?

Remortgage Articles

High-street lenders have a tendancy to steer clear of any mortgage circumstance which may be viewed as non-conforming. However, in today's society, many people fall into this category due to CCJ's, bad credit or mortgage arrears, but also, those who are self-employed, contract workers or those who rely on bonuses/commission. Fortunately, there are lenders dedicated to helping those who suffer from such a financial position, and Shorething Mortgages is a closely linked introducer to lenders of this sort. [learn more >>>]

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Remortgage News

House prices to increase

Experts believe that we should prepare ourselves for an increase in house prices, and hence, larger mortgages over the next two years. CML have released their expected figures of 7% growth in 2006, 3% over 2007 and finally 4% increase in 2008. With the average house price nearing £200,000... [learn more >>>]

House prices not affected by interest rate hike

Following the recent interest rate increase, we have seen affects within the mortgage market - fixed rate mortgages have risen by 0.4% and monthly payments on tracker mortgages have increased too - but house price specialists maintain that there will not be much of an affect within their field... [learn more >>>]

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